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Moral of the Story: Worrying Accomplishes Nothing

Latest goings-on in my life have been pretty boring but busy. I’m still getting used to my new job (as in I’m still a total rookie, something my boss doesn’t seem to quite fathom. Newsflash: newbies are bound to screw up in the beginning. It’s called learning and gaining experience!)…but on a whole it’s still much better than the shithole I worked for previously. Is it weird of me to say that I’m not overly worried? I mean, sure, I worry about job security, money, etc. like anybody else, but for some reason I don’t find myself stressing the hell out like I used to (and I’m a certifiable worrywart). So either I’ve grown some self-confidence, or I’ve been so numbed by my last job experience that nothing really fazes me anymore. Watch, the shit will hit the fan tomorrow and I’ll be eating my words. Then again, I suppose there’s always a possibility that hell can break loose tomorrow (hell, even today!)…that’s life! Worrying accomplishes nothing, except depriving me of sleep I reeeeeally need to catch up on.
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