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It's Amazing/Scary What Stress Can Do

It's been a few months since my much-needed job change, and while I'm feeling much better (and happier) to be out of that negative situation, I've noticed that my overal health hasn't improved by the leaps and bounds I'd expected. My doctor suspects I may have (probably) developed some poor habits (sleeping, eating, etc.) during my previous job, and my body's having a slower recovery. Yes, I admit I wasn't sleeping/eating well during my old job, and after over year's worth of self-damage these things don't fix themselves overnight. So right now it's a detective game to figure out what exactly I'm missing/need in order to get back to my usual self, 100%.

It's really eye-opening to see what long-term stress can do to the body. Ever since I changed jobs, yes, I've been happier, but I also feel like I've been recovering from one long hangover. A friend had suggested I take "some time off" after leaving my previous job, rather than jumping into another one, just to recover better and be more refreshed for the challenges of my next job. It wasn't a bad idea, but considering how much trouble I had finding a new job in the first place I wasn't in a position to pick and choose "when" I could start fresh. You have to strike when the iron's hot, too. So there was no time for any mini vaction. But in hindsight it's no wonder why my "recuperation" is progressing more slowly.

Hopefully with my doctor on board we'll find a solution that'll help me feel more like myself and I can get back to all my randomness. ^^ I miss being, well, me!

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