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When One Door Closes...

Let me begin by saying this entry is long overdue.

It’s no secret that I’ve been MIA for a while now, a fact that kills my conscience whenever I think of the friends with whom I’ve neglected to keep in contact. Sadly, anybody who knows me knows that I tend to turn turtle and curl up into my shell when my mood sours…and that’s mildly describing how I’ve felt lately.

In hindsight, I wish I had a better excuse for my absence rather than job troubles—not to say work-related issues are not a legitimate reason for stress (they most certainly are!), but what irks me is that it was my crappy, totally-not-worth-the-trouble job that crippled my mood. Because the job simply was not, in any way, worth all the hassle, depression, anxiety, and health problems it created for me. And in the end, that was my wake-up call to leave it. So yes, mark the calendar; Aiselne finally walked away from her job from hell, and I honestly feel like I broke up a borderline-abusive relationship. No exaggeration.

Of course, for those of you wondering why in hell it took me so long to make such a blatantly obvious decision, I’d struggled to find an alternative job. As if having a shitty job isn’t killjoy enough, failing to land a better job can be even more depressing. But either: a.) luck smiled on me, b.) another employer was impressed with my skills, or c.) said employer was desperate/drunk/delirious/etc… However you want to look at it, I finally found myself a better job. :) Granted, it’s not perfect (what job is?) and I’d reeeally like to gain a few more hours a week, but I figure I can work myself up the ladder. One step at a time.

Best of all, my mood has improved tenfold. It’s gonna’ take a little more time for my body to readjust itself, but I am sleeping better, so that’s definitely a good start. I’m hoping this healthy upward improvement will continue so I can enjoy the approaching summer. I’ve got boatloads of backlog to catch up on!!

I can’t make any promises right now, but I am hoping to get back into the swing of my fanworks (I miss them so!). Chapter 5 of At Sixes and Sevens is in progress and still has a tentative publication later this month, early July at the latest. I don’t want to pile too many WIPs on my plate right now until I get better acclimated with my new job and schedule. Hopefully I’ll have some more definitive updates next month.

In the meantime, tremendous thank yous (a million times over) to all my friends who have been so patient and understanding with me during my sad little hiatus. With that lousy chapter in my life officially over, my goal is to make the next one much, much better.
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Fanfiction Progress: April 2016

It seems like whenever I think I’ll finally have time to return to my guilty pleasures, something comes along to hinder me. As usual, my job’s a perpetual pain in the ass, I got sick yet again, yadayadayada! It’s pretty rare for me to come home at night and not fall asleep before my favorite primetime shows air (I have missed EVERY EPISODE of Supernatural season 11 so far!! T_T And life is NOT good when you’re deprived the Winchesters). I just bought Black Butler: Book of Circus this morning and I have no clue when I’ll actually be able/conscious enough to watch it. T^T

Needless to say, writing has been difficult. I’m already one month behind on At Sixes and Sevens. But miraculously, I do have almost one chapter ready for publication—the only problem is that it’s Chapter 4, and I haven’t yet finished Chapter 3! O_O Apparently my writing muse is still as finicky as ever. Fortunately with 6&7s being a one-shot collection, the standalone chapters don’t technically need to be released chronologically…except that I’ve formatted the series to be number-based: Chapter 1 is “One Once,” Chapter 2 being “Two Scoops,” and so on, so if I were to publish Chapter 4 first, the ordering will be 1, 2, and 4. It’d be kinda’ dumb to skip 3, eh? *sighs* Leave it to me to make more work for myself.

But I’m not giving up on Chapter 3 just yet. There’s still two weeks in April to make up for lost time. The chapter itself is just being difficult, namely because it’s turning out longer than I anticipated—long enough to potentially be multi-chaptered, which defeats the point of a one-shot collection. So I’ll have to see what I can do to rework certain elements and ultimately determine if this story should stay in 6&7s’ anthology, or become its own individual fanfiction story in the future…assuming I’d have the time for it, of course. ^^;

It’s all going to boil down to how well I can recuperate myself. Thankfully I’ve gotten over the worst of my flu, but it’s still left me feeling drained. Dealing with the day-to-day bullshit of my job doesn’t put me in the proper, happier mood for writing, either. But I want readers to know that I’ll do the best I can to keep my stories going. I just started 6&7s, after all, and I’m not ready to quit yet!
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Yomawari Localization Confirmed!

Since its announcement for Japanese release last year, the PS Vita horror game Yomawari has remained remarkably high on my list of most anticipated video game localizations. So you can imagine my joy upon hearing the announcement that NIS America will be bringing the game, titled Yomawari: Night Alone, to the west “late 2016” (hopefully around Halloween. It would make an awesome Halloween gift!). The current trailer doesn’t say whether or not this localization with be physical and/or digital (of course I’m rooting for physical), but for the time being just knowing Yomawari is coming Stateside is news that absolutely made my day! Thank you, NIS America!!
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Fanfiction Progress: February 2016

I’m happy to report that I actually have some fanfiction progress to report today. :D

Already I’ve begun publishing At Sixes and Sevens, my first ever one-shot collection staring Xenosaga’s wonderful U.R.T.V. twins Jr. and Albedo. It’s a project that—believe it or not—has been on my back burner for quite some time (aka years ^^;) so I’m thrilled to finally see the series actually come into fruition.

Next up will be another overdue, fanfic first-timer; my infamous Kuroshitsuji Grell/Sebastian yaoi lemon, which will hopefully be published this month. *crosses fingers* I’m currently in the editing process, editing both writing and content. I’ve decided to release a censored version of this one-shot on FanFiction.Net, and the uncut edition will be available on Archive of Our Own. While it’s common knowledge that FFnet doesn’t exactly regulate its stories despite prohibiting adult fanfics, I’d still feel more comfortable posting a censored sex story there just in case. Knowing my bad luck, I’d get caught or something and be banished forever. :P Plus, just based on my minimal experience running an online community (MOMO-XOXO on DeviantArt), I know how frustrating it can be when you clearly post rules regarding mature yet there’s always one person who thinks the rules don’t apply to them. Let’s keep the peace, folks. :)

Afterwards, I plan to devote myself to At Sixes and Sevens mostly. I do have some Pokemon story ideas, but most are multi-chaptered and require more free time (that I don’t yet have, sadly). I’d like to write another multi-chaptered Pokefic, of course (I’ve been getting the urge to do so for a while now), but I don’t want to force it (or myself) yet, either.

Winter tends to be a poor time for me, anyway. Any stories I publish during winter months have usually been written (or mostly written) months beforehand. I don’t do a whole lot of writing during winter because quite frankly I’m too tired. Winter 2016 did start late in my hometown, fortunately, but now that it’s started it seems eager to make up for lost time. I’ve been pulling double-shi(f)ts at my (crappy) job, too, filling in for (lazy) people who don’t bother showing up to work (and winter weather isn’t an excuse because the culprits have been no-shows on perfectly clear days. Jerks. Yes, as you can see my job situation keeps getting better and better!).

Hopefully, between my muse finally reviving itself after its hiatus, plus spring being right around the corner, I’ll get back to my old self. Until then, stay warm and safe, everyone, and happy Valentine’s Day this weekend! <3
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Happy Holidays and Hopes for 2016

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. Best wishes for 2016! :)

As for me, I hope to return to my fanworks sometime next year. ^^; The writing bug has been itching me lately, although it seems that whenever I actually attempt to write that itch instantly vanishes. But for the time being I’m staying positive and hopeful for 2016.

Being so hopeful for the New Year, I’m gonna’ do something I feel I haven’t done much of for most of 2015: blather about fanfiction. ^.^ So for those curious as to what random writing ideas have been floating around in my brain…

2016 celebrates 10th anniversaries for two of my main fandoms: Xenosaga: Episode III, and Kuroshitsuji, so you can be sure that I want to write something for those dear fandoms. I haven’t forgotten about my infamous, long-promised, long-overdue lemon, and most signs point to it being for Kuroshitsuji—I do have a draft, but I simply haven’t had the time to really settle on its story (the perpetual problem picky me has with adult fiction). I know I’m over-thinking this dumb fic, but what can I say? I take a weird sense of pride in my stories. *needs a life*

I’ve probably said this before, but one thing I’ve always wanted to try my luck with is a one-shot/short story collection. Technically, one could say that 90% of my entire FFnet archive counts as a one-shot/short story collection, but I’m sure readers know what I mean. But considering I typically publish my one-shots individually, I figure it would make more sense if my one-shot collection had some semblance of a theme to tie them together, else why not just post them separately like all my others, eh? But I’ve considered an interesting little meme for Xenosaga’s U.R.T.V.s that I think I might like to try in the future…

Pokemon is getting to be trickier because my ideas for that fandom are almost always multi-chaptered and more time-consuming (I have no idea why). And worse, the urge to write horror is snaking its way back into my subconscious—not good when you consider how long my last pokehorror fic was. O_O But I’d absolutely love to write another creepy story…if I ever get the time to actually write it, that is. Maybe I should go replay Resident Evil again. ;) Good excuse.

I probably should write a New Year’s resolution for my fanworks. Consider this entry a tentative one. Looking back on 2015 I really missed reading and writing these kinds of stories. It’s my hobby and frankly it can be very fun and therapeutic, so without it my year felt rather drab. 2016 has got to be better!
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Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

Wishing everybody a beautiful Thanksgiving this week! :)

I wish I could report some progress on my fanworks and whatnot, but unfortunately it’s S.O.S. (same old shit) right now. That, and I caught myself a nasty cold last week, and at times it made me wonder if I’d ever stop coughing (literally doubled-over hacking at times. I can’t remember the last time I had such a “violent,” for lack of a better word, cold. But I’m sure my immune system’s been compromised lately). As of this entry I’m feeling better but still pretty achy and sniffly. Hopefully this cold will be completely out of my system by Thanksgiving. ^^ I have no intention of getting the rest of my family sick on the holidays, thank you very much!

Again, happy Thanksgiving everybody! And please be careful, especially if you’re traveling…or braving the stores for Black Friday. O_O If even half of those horror stories about crazy shoppers camping outside stores, rioting, etc. is true, then I am soooo glad I get my holiday purchases done months ahead of time. ^_^;
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Hiatus Update: Keep On Truckin'

The short explanation for my hiatus is that my job situation took a nosedive over the summer and left me in a very foul, depressing state of mind that hurt me physically and mentally. And when I’m in a really crappy mood, I find myself unable to write—hence my lack of fanworks, and I absolutely hate to be Debbie Downer and drag my friends down with me—hence my lack of contact.

I can’t say things have gotten necessarily “better” over the last few months. If anything, I think I’m just accepting matters as my new norm, something I’m not sure is a good or bad thing yet. I still don’t have much ambition (or time, for that matter) to write, but on the bright side: I have been slowly getting the urge, which is more than I can say about earlier months. But seeing as it’s already November, I’ll be very surprised if I publish anything else in 2015. Stranger miracles have happened, though.

In the meantime, I’ve simply been trying to take things in stride and indulge in other fun, silly things that brighten my days. Because it’s often the fun, silly things that keep me sane. :)
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Finally a Kuroshitsuji Anime Movie!

This is probably the best news I’ve heard in the last 3-4 months! Kuroshitsuji is finally getting an anime movie!! :D

It was inevitable, really. Kuroshitsuji’s manga already boasts several adaptations: anime TV seasons & OVAs, musicals, and a live action movie, so I figured (and prayed) that eventually the series would get at least one animated film. Plus it goes without saying that Kuroshitsuji would/should have something special released in 2016 to celebrate its 10th anniversary! XD

I suppose it’s too soon to know or speculate “what” Kuroshitsuji’s movie will entail: will it be based off something from the manga, or be entirely new material? Personally I could go either way (as long as our favorite redhead steals the show at some point[s] :3). I’m just utterly thrilled to hear this news!!

Now if only FUNimation would also announce when they’re releasing their DVD/BRs of Black Butler’s Book of Circus and Book of Murder. Nothing has been announced to my knowledge yet. At this point it’ll probably be released sometime next year, so cheers to 2016 bound to be a fun year for fellow Kuro fans!

But 2015 isn’t over yet. Let’s not forget Yen Press will publish Yana Toboso Artworks: Black Butler 1 later this month, which archives some absolutely gorgeous pieces of art! That, and Black Butler volume XXI hits shelves next month, which features the series’ momentous 100th chapter! I. Can’t. Wait!

Kuroshitsuji has come so far…and just keeps on going, too! :D
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Yoru no Nai Kuni's PS3/Vita Editions Deserve to be Localized, Too!

News of a tentative localization for the upcoming Gust RPG, Yoru no Nai Kuni, has me feeling both overjoyed and worried--overjoyed to know Koei Tecmo is honestly considering this beautiful-looking title, but worried because only (so far) the game’s PlayStation 4 edition has been mentioned for said localization. For those unaware, Yoru no Nai Kuni is also for PS3 and PS Vita, thus my dilemma.

Though honestly, I expected this dilemma to happen, considering Koei Tecmo’s recent track record for PS4 x PS3/Vita releases in the west (but I’ll refrain from reiterating my heartbreak over Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess). And to be fair, Koei Tecmo certainly isn’t the only company to favor next-gen localizations over last-gens (who else is pissed over Square Enix shafting the PS3 localizations of Dragon Quest Heroes & Star Ocean V? At least Koei Tecmo is nice enough to release the last-gen editions of its games digitally--regardless that I'm not a fan of digital-only releases--which is more than I can say about other companies). This happens every generation and I don’t expect for a moment that this gaming generation (or any future ones) will be any kinder to last-gen users.

But as this is a “tentative” localization, nothing’s set in stone regarding any definitive Western releases of Yoru no Nai Kuni, so I suppose I won’t panic (too much) about its PS3/Vita editions just yet. Hell, the game's Japanese release has been post-ponned so many times, perhaps we ought to be more concerned about its initial Japanese release first, eh? :P There's still plenty of time--and speaking of time, I will kudo Koei Tecmo for making tentative localization announcements so quickly, since I didn't expect anything before next year. When it comes to niche JRPG localizations, the wheels don't always start turning so rapidly, which tells me that Koei Tecmo is listening to westerners' requests for its games. I sincerely hope the company will earnestly (re)consider localizing all three intended editions of Yoru no Nai Kuni overseas--ideally physically, too. *crosses fingers*

So please don’t forget us PS3/Vita users, Koei Tecmo. Just because we don’t own the fancy new (expensive) game systems doesn’t mean we’re not equally excited to play your games. :)
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Pleasantly Surprised by Rustblaster

Now I know I’ve been out of the loop (in more ways than one) when a new Yana Toboso manga is localized and I didn’t even realize it until I happened upon the volume in my local bookstore. O_O; Or was there just not a lot of fanfare for Rustblaster’s English publication? True, Rustblaster isn’t a ground-breaking manga, but it was the debut of Toboso-sensei herself, pre-Kuroshitsuji, and that alone warrants excitement. At least I think it does. ;) So what a pleasant surprise I had when I saw that little beauty sitting on the bookshelf! I admire Yana Toboso’s work very much, and it’s always wonderful to visit an author’s humble beginnings.
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