Aiselne Phoenix Nocturnus

"Here, irrational is reality." - Deadman Wonderland

Greetings! My name is Aiselne, short for Aiselne Phoenix Nocturnus.

Most people probably know me as the strange girl who writes stranger stories on FanFiction.Net. I also enjoy drawing, anime/manga, rock/metal music, and I have an ongoing love affair with collecting and playing old PlayStation video games.

Fandom-wise, my major obsessions are Xenosaga, Pokemon, and Kuroshitsuji. My overall love for video games, anime, and manga does not stop there, of course, in case you didn't see my profile's interests section. But the aforementioned three fandoms are kept particularly close to my heart. :3

My LJ is generally meant to update readers on my fanfiction progress (or lackthereof, heh), along with my other interests and whatever trivial goingson happen in my life.

Thanks for visiting my profile!
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